Training with Phoenix

We are always looking for new resources and tools for the growth and development of people, and it seems that Phoenix can be useful as one of these resources in this field. By using Phoenix services to improve one’s skills, one may be successful in one’s personal or professional endeavours. So, grasp the opportunity and see what the Phoenix can do for you!

Types of training

importance of education

The effect of training on improving individual and organizational performance and efficiency

Development of personal and professional skills and capabilities

Increasing job satisfaction and effective communication in the workplace

steps of designing and implementing the educational program

Analysis of educational needs

Recognizing educational needs and goals

Educational program design

Determining the structure and content of education and educational tools

Implementation of the training program

Teaching and transfer of concepts, practice and practical performance

Evaluation and feedback

Measuring the results and evaluating the effectiveness of training

Educational methods and tools

Lectures and direct teaching

Presentation of concepts and information orally by the teacher

Library and reference resources

Using books, articles and related educational resources

Video-based training

Using videos and educational videos

Activity-based learning

Use of practical exercises, case studies and practical projects

Interactive learning

Using working groups, role-playing and mental demands

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